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I'm here because of my rad-ass friend Ashararee (´・ω・`) I don't know what to write here!!!

I love the 10th Doctor more than anything, and I've been watching Doctor Who since I was four (found out about it in Melbourne, Australia where my mom and I tried to move. Every night at 4 on the dot, Tom Baker flicked across the screen ♥) I later found out they continued Doctor Who and here I am today. I don't particularly like the 11th Doctor new stuff but hey, it's just my opinion. Martha and Donna were my favourite companions.

I bloody love House of Cards, In Bruges (er, the movie), and SiMon BakErRrRr

I have nothing else to list so hullo my name's Holly, I like you, a bunch of other things, and peaches.

Interests (15):

baking!, classical (violin and cello pieces in a minor), clothing design, cryptex, dickens, doctor who, drawing (a loooot), gorillaz, in bruges, inception, kimbra, men who stare at goats, studying european history, the mentalist, ylvis
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